AKC Breeder of Merit
I've always been proud of my husband's breeding program, and a while back AKC sent a letter to us to let us know we qualified for their breeder of merit program.  They inspect our kennels from time to time, and we've titled enough Labs through AKC that we've met their standards for breeder of merit.  

AKC Yellow Lab Puppies


You can use Paypal to buy your pup.  (And they take credit cards!  How convenient is that!  Would you please add 3% to offset some of the fee for us?  (i.e., $200- add $6)
Just click the button and they'll tell you what to do.  :)

Daisy and Tucker have this little 7 month old female that we kept for a time, but have decided not to keep because we're moving to just 1 stud and it will be her older brother!   So, she's up for adoption.   Roxy is very sweet, athletic, loves to be with her people, and gets along great with the whole Lab family!   She's been helping us with a new pup we have and she's very gentle- a very good girl!

Daisy - beautiful & sweet.

Tucker - smart & athletic

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Upcoming Litter Trudy and Deep Run Buzz should have pups about August 6th.  This is a repeat breeding and reports from our families with these pups indicate they're very intelligent with high trainability.  We love this line and are keeping a girl for ourselves.  They're athletic and handsome and we think they make the perfect all-around Lab!  We're starting the waiting list - just email or call if you'd like to be added.  I can email any additional information you like and we have many references from families with Labs from this breeding. 

Trudy is super smart, athletic and has a superior disposition.  A tremendous Lab! 

Buzz is a blocky, handsome guy - loves to retrieve and is very affectionate!

 Their pups are playful, cute, happy little retrievers!

And here's a gallery of photos to show you some of the grown-up pups from their previous litters.  

                    8 months                                18 months                          2 years                          5 months                                    11 months

She looks a lot like her daddy- a very sweet,  playful pup.