AKC Breeder of Merit
I've always been proud of my husband's breeding program, and sometime back AKC sent a letter to us to let us know we qualified for their breeder of merit program.  They inspect our kennels from time to time,  we do genetic testing on our dogs, and we've titled enough Labs through AKC that we've met their standards for breeder of merit.  

AKC Yellow Lab Puppies


Litter #1 - Janeway and Buster have 2 boys available and they're ready to go home for Christmas!! -    Mom is a very sweet Lab who loves the water and retrieiving- very gentle and easy-going.  She's a big girl -  tall and about 80 lbs.  Buster is a handsome young stud.  :)   He's produced awesome pups for us in the past.   Buster is very athletic, obedient, and intelligent.  Call or email if you're ready for an exceptional Lab.   We're happy to answer any questions and of course we can give you references if you'd like to connect with one of our previous adopting families!

Beautiful Janeway - happy,
laid-back, and very loving.  

  Buster is smart, playful, and obedient,
   He produces awesome little Labs!

You can use Paypal to buy your pup.  (And they take credit cards!  How convenient is that!  Would you please add 3% to offset some of the fee for us?  (i.e., $200- add $6)
Just click the button and they'll tell you what to do.  :)

Litter #2 - Ticker x Buster have 2 girls and 3 boys available - ready to go home mid-January.  This is a repeat breeding that produces very smart, athletic pups.   Ticker is a competitive and devoted retriever.  She's a thinking Lab - a problem solver and her last pups with Buster were really exceptional little dogs.  We actually donated one of the girls to a service dog trainer we work with and she completed her training and has been placed in a wonderful home with a disabled veteran.   Dam and Sire pictured below along with a couple of last year's pups.

Ticker - super retriever , smart girl!

Buster - blocky, obedient

Gorgeous pups from last year's litter.  High trainability and intelligence.

Boy #1 is very light and boy #2 is more cream yellow.  Both are playful, curious, and unafraid!  They love to explore, then come back to check in with their people.  

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