AKC Breeder of Merit
I've always been proud of my husband's breeding program, and sometime back AKC sent a letter to us to let us know we qualified for their breeder of merit program.  They inspect our kennels from time to time,  we do genetic testing on our dogs, and we've titled enough Labs through AKC that we've met their standards for breeder of merit.  

You can use Paypal to buy your pup.  (And they take credit cards!  How convenient is that!)  Would you please add 3% to offset some of the fee for us?  (i.e., $200- add $6)
Just click the button and they'll tell you what to do.  :)

All  our puppies have been adopted!   We anticipate our next litter will arrive in early November and will go home late December.  We believe Dini will be the mama, and it will be her first litter.   We expect very intelligent, loving pups with great instincts.  They'll be lighter in color, white and cream and will make wonderful family pets or hunting compantions.  We have started a waiting list, and can always pencil in your name!   We take no money until the puppies arrive, so just send an email if you're looking for an exceptional Lab!

Our pups are guaranteed to pass certification for their hips/eyes.  They're healthy, smart, playful, and eager to please.  Very trainable.   If you have any questions or would like to view parent pedigrees, just shoot me an email!

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