Sullivan's Maggie Mae

Maggie is the daughter of Sullivan's T.J. and Mtn Meadow Buzz.
She is an exceptional Lab - beautiful confirmation and a very sweet disposition.  She's a strong retriever and eager to please.  Maggie's pups are exceptional all-around Labs.  They love to hunt, but they make excellent family companions too!

Sullivan's Daisy

Our Daisy is a wonderful companion Lab.  She has great confirmation and a beautiful, short coat that is almost white.  She's a tremendous retriever, both on land and in water - but much prefers water retrieves!  She's very playful and loving.   Daisy produces beautiful pups that are very soft-hearted and sweet natured.  Very intelligent and trainable. 

Sullivan's Trudy

Trudy is beautiful and smart!  She's a thinking Lab - a problem solver and a little mischievous!  A very playful Lab who gets along with everyone in our big Lab family. She's very light, with very dark eyes, lips and nose.  Her pups are intelligent, eager retrievers, that make excellent hunting companions or family pets.      


Ticker is a focused retriever with superior intelligence.  We've gotten wonderful reviews on her past pups - both as hunting companions and family pets.   Like mom, they love the water and retrieving and have great trainability.  Just very eager to please.  Ticker runs about 65 lbs., and her pups are just a bit bigger than that because our studs are good-sized boys.  

Sullivan's Ugo

Meet Ugo - a beautiful Labrador with excellent retrieving instincts.  She's very fast both in the water and on ground retrieves.  She has an excellent nose and she quarters naturally. Ugo is very smart and eager to please!  Ugo is the daughter of Trudy and Deep Run Buzz and we're expecting great things out of her!

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