We are a small hobby breeder of quality Labradors.  It is our goal to provide loving, healthy, and intelligent puppies to families who are looking for hunting companions and devoted pets.  Our personal vet, one of our references, inspects our kennels each year and helps us administer vaccinations to ensure that each pup we place is in optimal health.  All of our breeding Labs have been certified for both hips and eyes.  We also provide a puppy training DVD with our placement pack, so you have the tools you need to confidently train and care for your new puppy. 

    Our place is located in Columbia, Missouri.  It has 5+ acres and big beautiful pond!  Retriever Heaven!  All our dogs have daily run time and receive lots of personal attention.  We choose to breed only dogs that demonstrate a tremendous personality,  a willingness to work and have their hips certified as OFA good or better.   As you look over our Labs, be sure to review their outstanding pedigrees.  We're happy to answer any questions you may have and, of course, we have great references that will tell you all about the Labradors they bought from the Sullivan's!

Welcome To Our Place...

One thing about Labs - they LOVE their masters!  Our retrievers will let me feed and play with them - they even act as though they like me, but they've made it very clear...my husband is the master they adore!